Maple Colors

The new transfer student, Yoshijiro, fits right into class 2-B - the biggest collection of rejects, losers and weirdoes the Academy has ever seen! But his loser status is about to be upgraded to top dog. On his very first day, he manages to feel up his new teacher, have sex with a busty brunette in the bathroom, and even catch a peepshow with the school slut as she goes all the way with her latest boy toy! But this newly elevated stud is about to meet his match in the bossy, blonde-haired beauty Mirai. Not only does this hot little firecracker carry around a baseball bat, but she isn't afraid to use it! She orders Yoshijiro to rally all the students of 2-B in order to prove that they're more than just useless losers. How? He's going to have hot, wild sex with every girl in the class until they're willing to join Mirai's cause!
Japanese Title: 
メイプル カラーズ

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Title Censorship Subtitles
Maple Colors Episode 1 Uncensored English
Maple Colors Episode 2 Uncensored English

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