A Forbidden Time Episode 7

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where the subs and uncensored version??

how about subtitling number7. can't wait for number8

this is a young mans dream. thinking about things to do to a friends good looking sister or mom or to a neighbor either the wife or daughter. how about the guys using her in a three on one or eve bringing in some of their friends for her to pull a train. many mnay different ways. keep up the good work.

come on guys. do the subtitles on number 7. there are more speaking in this one than all the others. do i have to learn Japanese to learn what is being said. help us out will ya.

come on guys. do the subtitles on number 7. there are more speaking in this one than all the others. do i have to learn Japanese to learn what is being said. help us out will ya.

Why the fuck doesn't she say something she's like being over power by some kids? What a horny bitch!

OK guys I will translate to you

Youichi Longi: How could I say to her that I have a feelings on her, how? and why? I have no idea what is the feelings touches most by her that I much pretending that my feelings toward her is a bad. do she like me.
00:47 after the video of the kid wow the bag
Yoichi Longi: I feel strange, like I don't know sister and a brother
2 kids friends of Longi: huh? say to us what is the feeling? you bothered in your mind
Youichi Longi: strange feeling
2 kids friends of longi: ah.. pretending?
Youichi Longi: No I will go on
kid in blue: what is something strange to him grrr, why did not say anything
eyeglass boy: dont worry , we will meet and speak to him
01:29 of the video
Youchi looking to the clouds said I miss her, did something on my mind tell that its bad and wrong, confusing, it's strange huh.

01:48 Youichi : feel strange while 2 kids playing to Chuan
2 kids: awesome
her nipple is soft and enlarger
her breast touch soft and i feel like i'm cumming hehehe ahahaha (touching her boobs)
02:56 Youichi (yellow hair boy): sister did not like to save her own body from disturbing and playing with my friends
she is putting herself down, how can i even talk or I talk to her if she did not defend her own body?
after 03:22 Youchi did not want to suck the toy from his friend
eyeglass boy: oh why?
Youichi said to Chuan 03:34
Sister if you dont like it, you dont have to play with it like your arousing
and sister if you look in mirror
03:47 look at yourself and pussy to the mirror, you made us play the pussy is wet and red so if you like we play more that you like most.
Chuan: No No
Youichi: Defend yourself, why do you like to play more, arouse more, because your like bitch, and you put your self down.
In the mirror you have to trust yourself as you made us arouse and cum
where you want? you want more? tell us like we do.
Chuan: because I don't like, my fault, my body do you like.
04:40 Youichi pinched nipple of Chuan
Chuan: Arhhgg ahhhh, ahhh
Youichi: your nipple and you being arouse is you like most. sorry, but
Chuan: I am super arouse this time, I feel like I'm sorry
Youchi: that feeling is not you are going through, your beautiful body is
Chuan: but..
Youichi: your body is beautiful same as you do you want more suck?
05:33 Chuan: huh? what? you must do to me
eyeglass boy: we are trying if you like Youichi-chan?
Youichi, stay away, I will do more to arouse her
and eventually like my girl (sister)
Chuan ok ok if you want, lets do this.

Can't wait for the episode 8, I hope it will be dubbed in English

Are there any other series by same writer? What are their names?

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