Wicked Trio 1 - The Affair It`s a rainy night in Tokyo, and our "Man" receives oral pleasure from his "Girl" while parked in the hotel garage. In the elevator, "Man" digitally stimulates the "Girl" until she`s begging for more. When they finally arrive at their hotel room, more is what she gets, maybe even more than she bargained on! Wicked Trio 2 - Lust In Space While an androgynous youth battles a monster, another creature attempts to "have his way" with his female companion. After disposing of the threat, the crystal on his chest transforms the youth into the damsel`s sister! But his young horny psyche is not ready to be denied! Wicked Trio 3 - S`extra Credit A nubile Redhead drives to her boyfriend`s condo; he`s not at home, but his college tutor, a "professor", is. Red seduces the young teacher, and in the midst of their tryst, Boyfriend arrives home. Believe it or not, he`s not upset and in fact joins in. Will the "professor" enjoy her new lifestyle?
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Chu^2 Episode 1 Uncensored English

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