Aki Sora Episode 1

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wat an effeminate guy!!


i loved it
but i wanted to watch the full series

Definitely a good series. Too bad they cant continue the series due to that supid law they passed.

No dang good videos these days anime is the best!

no sub english! pls upload it again with english sub :D

a hentai that does no show the pussy or the dick wtf

this is just fucked up

I really wish I could find more hentai like this, erotic but tastefully done!

What was the law they pass and luv the story.

nice story ^^

I would love to have a shota Sora. I think I could then literally fuck a guy.... XD ... I mean seriously, just get one of those dildo panties and go for it.. ( 'cause this guy is totally fuckable... :D ... ) -but don't mind my sick mind.. and my impossible desires,,,, :D ....

If it weren't for that lousy Japanese law that prohibits this hentai, there'd probably be an English dub and a whole anime series of Aki Sora. I like certain yuri, hentai and incest, and this one is a treasure. The second series of this should be on here. Aki's a beautiful girl who clearly has eyes only for Sora and Sora is extremely to be in love with his sister.

what the fuck LOL


I guess It's hentai in nature... r(-.-)

This was one of my favorite...Aki Sora was still ongoing, and the other episodes can be found on here, or just by using google..Although unfortunately canceled due to a shitty law it may never be finished...

The law that was passed is Bill 156, and the part of the law that effects this series directly is:

: The definition of harmful material is expanded to include "any manga, animation, or pictures (but not including real life pictures or footage) that features either sexual or pseudo sexual acts that would be illegal in real life, or sexual or pseudo sexual acts between close relatives whose marriage would be illegal, where such depictions and / or presentations unjustifiably glorify or exaggerate the activity." Any publisher who has more than six works declared harmful under the new criteria in a 12-month period can be referred to the relevant industry self-regulation body. If the publisher breaches the criteria again within the next six months, the Governor can publicly identify the offender and comment on the reasons for declaring their work in breach.

i couldn't watch t T.T

i just don't uderstand why does she want him always to be in girl's cloths -_-

i loved it and i want to watch the full series

i loved it and i want to watch the full series

To think that I would have to create another account to get back on here because of some blackout on this site that erased some of the messages. I also hate the fact that each time I try to watch this on my touch, it always tries to go to another of those worthless sites that mean nothing to me.

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