Ai-Kyan (I Can) Episode 2

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Ai-Kyan (I Can) Episode 1 Censored English


No Episode 3??

hey can u help with other hentai?

Tag added :p

tnx :D this is netorare btw

Wow it was a good hentai but I just hate how the storyline ended. I am just so mad at the idol girl right now. Blah blah his cock can't satisfy me blah blah oh my god it feels so good! It just makes me upset. And to top it all off there is no EP 3. They ended it on a bad note. I would not recomend or watch the hentai again.

This movie ended bad with a bad story line.... Would not watch ever again unless changed.

nope, i looked everywhere and no episode 3

where can i find the episode 3?

UGH. that why i hate this genra of hentai. the guy is always a wuss and they dont stand up for the woman till its to late and shes "in love with her masters/teacher/trainers cock" UGH....

@Crawler955...I know right ugh. why are the girls in the genra so stuped

Well can't be mad dude saw his girl get fucked and didn't do anything, what a pussy for not doing nothing. And if funny because the dude was shoving it in his face hahaha

She misunderstood him for not being in love with her, as he didn't do anything about it- he wanted her to tell him about it. They're both thick as fuck. That guy with the beard needs to get over himself. That other female main needs to stop being a fucking retard and either take some pride, or fuck off. The main character, needs to fucking take charge, like seriously, I don't condone murder, but it's the only way. He needs to kill that man to make both of those girls his, and show that he loves Miyu. But they're all too stupid. Also, he's just a faggot.

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