Ai-Kyan (I Can)

Ryota is an ordinary student. One day, when he is on his way back home, he accidentally collides with a girl, Miyu, and kisses her. At that moment, she suddenly transforms into an idol girl. Also, a mysterious creature called Qupu appears…. According to Qupu, she is a limb of the devil and she came to this world to make Miyu’s wish, to be an idol, come true. But Miyu transformed herself when Ryota kissed her though Qupu didn’t cast a magic. As a matter of fact, Ryota is the one who can amplify Qupu’s magic power.

Streaming episodes available for this hentai

Title Censorship Subtitles
Ai-Kyan (I Can) Episode 1 Censored English
Ai-Kyan (I Can) Episode 2 Censored English

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