Chat rules ladies and gents!

Firstly, Thanks veechan. :p

1. Do not spam. (To rapidly post the same lines in the chat consecutively)

2. Do not flood. (The act of sending a lot of messages in a small time frame, whether accidentally or in the hope of lagging or annoying other people.

3. Do not post links to other sites unless the site is cleared by an Admin or Moderator.

4. You can be vote banned if enough people complain about you, and you are arguably violating one of the rules on this page, the most likely of which would be user harassment and failure to behave in a civil manner. A vote ban be either a mod ban or a user ban. Mod bans are where the mods vote you out and a user ban is where the users vote you out. If you earn a ban you may or may not be warned.

5. If you are banned, you may discuss the ban with the responsible moderator in order to appeal it. Success not garunteed, but might be worth a shot.

6. No advertising other hentai sites.

7. Do not harass people. You don't have to like everyone, but be civil.

8. Stick to because we rock your socks, haha :p

And with that all finished, welcome to hentairockssocks chat! If you need anything feel free to ask a mod(Maize, Pieguy813, Sick, Veechan). If a vid is broken we'll try to fix it. The chat and hentai site use separate accounts. If you need help finding a hentai feel free to ask and we will try to help you find it(providing pictures, screenshots, or links will speed this process up).